This is a special painting for me for a number of reasons. From a purely creative perspective, this painting represents a real stepping out for me in terms of creating a stained glass design that is truly my own. In it I really wanted to push the idea of a light source coming through from behind the stained glass figures.
The mosaic tiles were another new element although one I’m not sure I’d want to tackle again anytime soon. I first started working on this painting in December 2015 and for a few months there it felt like all I was doing was painting tiles.
Mostly though this is a special painting for me because it’s a very personal piece. It came about through a shared moment with my partner where, as a disabled woman in a new romantic relationship, I came to realize that I had far more to offer than I ever would have believed. You can read all about it on Tilted Windmills in my blog post, Why We’re Here: Find Your Heart(h).

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