One of the unexpected gifts that came out of experiencing winter in Calgary was the ability to actually experience winter up close and personal. When it snowed in Vancouver, I would typically find myself housebound with the wheelchair until the snow had melted down to a grey sludge. In Calgary though, the snow accumulated much more slowly over the course of months, which meant the sidewalks were easily cleared in between snowfalls.
One December night my partner and I were heading home after a movie and stumbled upon this extraordinary sight—skaters on the frozen Bow River. ⁣I'd only ever seen skaters tottering about on the tiny Robson Square rink in the middle of downtown Vancouver, but it looked nothing like this. Ordinary folks flying across the ice in the midst of a natural, winter wonderland. It is perhaps my favourite memory of our first winter in Calgary.​​​​​​​
14x11" - acrylic on stretched canvas
Finished: April 2019

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